Tadao Shimizu
Graphic Designer
The professor of Chiba University.
Member of Japan Interior Designer's Association
Born in 1942.
After completing his doctorate at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, he worked at Kenmochi Design Studio, the Birdick group as a chief designer; the Faculty of Art, Industrial Design Dept. at Washington University, as an assistant professor, the Faculty of Technology, Industrial Design Dept. (presently called the Design and Architecture Dept.) at Chiba University, as an assistant professor and as a professor at the same University in 1991. He became a Doctor of Engineering at Tokyo University on 1997.

He majors in production design concerned with the environment, the environment of action from inside a room to the city, research and practice of production and environment design concerned with many kinds of people, including elder people and disabled people (universal design) as well as environmental acting psychology.

Major Works :
l Desk system, Herman Mirror Company (the Annual Best Prize of the United States Industrial Designer Association 1981)
l Wheelchair for the inside of a room (the best prize of ID Annual REVIEW 1987)
l Interior design, BUG head office (the second Nikkei New Office Award, the Annual Japan Minister of International Trade and Industry Award)
l Block planning (the second Sapporo International Design Award)
And, he has received more than 40 domestic and international design awards.

Literary Works:
l Action, Culture and Design (selected by SD)
l Design of Communication Space (selected by SD)
Kashima Shuppankai l Aging of the Population and the Production Environment (joint translation)
Kashima Shuppankai l Eco-Interior (joint translation)
Maruzen l Designing the environment (joint authorship), Asakura Shoten