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The 13th Biennial of Industrial Design
BIO 13

We are very proud to be the organization representing 17 carefully selected, outstanding Japanese ID products at the Thirteenth Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO 13). The wheelchair “CARNA” by Kazuo Kawasaki received the Gold Medal as wekk as the ICSID Design Excellence Award. SHARP CORPORATION’s home copy / fax machine, TOSHIBA CORPORATION Design Center’s Ceramic Heater and YAMAHA Product Design Laboratory’s Wind MIDI Controller (by Yasuhiro Kira) Received honorable mentions.


Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia

Date(s) Sun., May 17 1992 - Sun., June 14 1992

BIO Organizing Committee (Constituent organizations: City of Ljubljana, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Ljubljana Industrial Design Association)

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

Japanese Participation Organizer: International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Cooperation: Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, Japan Industrial Designer's Association, Council of Chubu Design Organizations

BIO 13 (Flyer image)

The wheelchair “CARNA”
Design: Kazuo Kawasaki