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Design Center Round Table Meeting

A meeting will be held with Denish Desing Center, Bercelona Design Center (Spain), The Design Museum (U.K.) IDPC / CETDC (Taiwan), Design Exchange (Canada), and Blaich Associates (U.S.A.). The audience include companies and educational institutions for design from across Japan, the Japan Industrial Design Organization and Japan Design Foundation. The presentations of each design center will give the audience an excellent opportunity to not only learn about other countries’ designs but also to gain a perspective on how much design centers can serve the needs of the community and the industry. The goals, the philosophy and operating problems that each design center talk about and Dr. Robert Blaich’s speech on design management will lead the administrative and the private sectors see what a vital role design centers can play in providing a link between the industry and the community, and the importance for international cooperation amongst design centers.


City of Nagoya Civic Reception House

Date(s) Fri., October 16 1992 - Sat., October 17 1992

City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.