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Nagoya Environment Day 2019
Fair Trade Town Autumn Festival

The City of Nagoya was certified as the International Fair Trade Town in September 2015. In order to let people know about fair trade, an annual local-event has been held on the second Saturday of May in conjunction with the “World Fair Trade Day”, the simultaneous global-event.
This time, as one of the central events of “Environmental Day Nagoya”, which celebrates its 20th this year, “Fair Trade Hiroba (Plaza)” will be set up in Hikari no Hiroba, Hisaya Odori Park, and events such as stages, marches and workshops will be held to convey fair trade’s philosophy and the appeal of fair trade town.

■Environmental Day Nagoya
Based on the collaboration of citizens, businesses and city government, the “Environmental Day Nagoya” started in 2000. It is a participation-practice-model communication event for you to enjoy thinking about the environment. At its 20th time in 2019, under the theme “Connecting, Creating, Future of Nagoya”, a place where one can learn about the environment by interacting across fields, entities and generations will be made in order to reflect on the past, to envision the future of Nagoya, and to consider it to be an opportunity for each and every person to think about what to act now.


Hikari no Hiroba, Hisaya Odori Park
31, Sakae, 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi, 460- 0008 Japan

Date(s) Sat., September 14 2019
Stage:10:30-16:00 / Marche, Workshop:10:00-16:00
Admission Fair Trade Stage: Free, Workshop: Free or up to 2,000 yen

Nagoya Environment Day Organizing Committee

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

Cooperation: Fair Trade Nagoya Network, World Fair Trade Day Nagoya Organizing Committee, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Co-organizers: Fair Trade Forum Japan, Japan Ethical Initiative, Japan International Cooperation Agency Chubu

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