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IdcN 10th Anniversary Commemorative Project
Exhibition “The Social Designers: Design for Real Needs”

Through propositions of policies, of products, of spaces and experiences, 32 creators from 15 countries/regions (Austria, Croatia, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Taiwan, The Netherlands, U.S.A.) will illustrate how design is truly about changing people and that positive and appropriate solutions can and should be created in order to construct a better global system. During the exhibition period, a series of relay talks and roundtable discussions will be held for the exhibitors to exchange ideas with the visitors.

Exhibitors 1
Tsuyoshi Nagura/ NISHIVULCAN (Fighters for citizens` health)
Naruto Miyagawa/ Study on Wooden Toys to Support Growth of Disabled Children
Masako Kitazaki/ “otopen–Searching the new Senses”, “AdvanceDesign”, “ArcWizShare”
Naoshige Ogawa/ TOKI no OMORI visualization
Ryotaro Furukawa/ “House in Kunitachi”, “Housing Development Shenyang, China”

Exhibitors 2
Kenji Wada/ “CONTEXTUALIZED OBJECTS” is a photo book created by users for designers.
Tetsu (Paris): Aiko Oshima & Vincent Ciccone/ Content redesign of the french language dictionary; ”le Petit Robert 2007″
Chau Chiu Man Emily/ Chinese New Immigrants in Hong Kong
Oded Ezer/ Typeface Design
Carlos Manuel González Manjarrrez/ Social Posters, Social Students Design, Visions of Paradise, Moments (Ad campaign)

Exhibitors 3
Hung Lam/ Graphic design for Zenter (Peace of Mind Zenter)
Joao Flecha/ Japan
Janneke Hooymans, Frank Tjepkema/ Restaurant “Praq”, ”Stilts for the best teacher”, ”Bling Bling” medallion, Restaurant “Fabbrica”, ”XXL Chair”
Amitai Burstein/ Printed vest, Animation, “Evolution”
Lee Tze Ming/ Racer (Remote control), Foli (Tropical urban bus shelter), Alpharad (Motorcycle for the young), Squeez (Tissue dispenser)

Exhibitors 4
Park So Young/ 五色 (2006), GOIRO (2005), Tree (2006), Dog of Andromeda (2006)
Lee Tian Huan/ Tidy Game, URA, Homebound, Lucy
Wesam Mazhar Haddad/ Matchsticks Forest Poster Series (a)&(b)
Wen-Ham Chiang/ BeeCom, Low cost good design, ASUS Notebook V1J, Wireless Storage Center
Joceyline Leong/ Wedding Collection 2005, Petal’s Touch, Winter Collection 2005, Urban Living: See,explore,live (photojournalism)

Exhibitors 5
Kosuke Kuze/ “The Challenges of Shino: a record of 365 days of a handicapped chimpanzee” (broadcasted in January 2004)
Hideki Yano/ MITSUBISHI CNC700
Robert Zolna/ Great Lakes in My World, a grade school science activity planner
Julia Lindenthal/ Project Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel, Project Urban Oasis
Rüdiger Suppin/ Project Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel, “T(h)echo en Mexico” Mexico 2004

Exhibitors 6
Bruketa&ZinicOM: DAVOR BRUKETA, NIKOLA ZINIC/ “Next time try kicking a ball instead”, “Homophobes”
Helen Ho Lai-Ching/ The Eldery, Love, The Young
Jennifer Sonderby/ Fastphoric: A Novel
Toshiki Ishikawa/ Market analysis, design research and concept model production, all based on data.

Venue(s) Former Design Museum
4th Fl., Design Center Bldg., 18-1, Sakae 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0008 Japan


Date(s) Fri., December 22 2006 - Sun., February 4 2007
11:00 - 20:00
Closed Mon., January 1 2007
Admission Adults: 300 yen

International New Designers Workshop Organizing Committee, IdcN Commemorative Project Organizing Committee (Constituent organizations: City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.)

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

Co-organizer: UNESCO, Sponsor: ASUSTek Computer Inc., Supporters: Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Embassy of Isreal, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau, Japan Design Foundation, Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc,The Organization of Advertising Creation, Architecture Institute of Japan, The Japan Institute of Architecture, Japan Institute of Architect Aichi Society of Architects & Building Engineers

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