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IdcN 10th Anniversary Commemorative Project
Live Talk “The Social Designers: Design for Real Needs”

During the exhibition period, a series of 5 relay talks and roundtable discussions will be held for the exhibitors to exchange ideas with the visitors. All together 29 speakers will be invited.

Live Talk #1 ”For Someone Else -Communication and Collaboration-”
Coordinators: Kunihiro Uchida, Kazuo Kato
Guest speakers: Prize winners of International Competition “Nagoya Design Do! 2006″
Sat. November 11, 2006 2:00 – 4:00pm/Apple Store Nagoya Sakae

Live Talk #2 “Design for All”
Coordinators: Yoshiyuki Wada, Satoshi Nakashima
Guest speakers: Ryotaro Furukawa, Naruto Miyagawa, Kosuke Kuze, Kouji Sanaka
Fri. December 22, 2006 3:30 – 5:30pm/NADYA Park 7th Cafe
Capacity: 48 persons (Registration required)

Live Talk #3 “New Approaches for Creative Industries”
Coordinators: Shinichi Yamamura, Makoto Shinagawa
Guest speakers: Toshiki Ishikawa, Saeko Watanabe, Kenji Wada
Fri. December 22, 2006 6:00 – 8:00pm/NADYA Park 7th Cafe
Capacity: 48 persons (Registration required)

Live Talk #4 “Design for Social Innovations”
Coordinator: Yukiya Takakita
Guest speakers: Tsuyoshi Nagura, Megumi Suzuki, Masakazu Inagaki, Asami Sugiyama
Sat. December 23, 2006 1:00 – 3:00pm/NADYA Park 7th Cafe
Capacity: 48 persons (Registration required)

Live Talk #5 “Methodology for Ideal Interface”
Coordinators: Robin Huang, Kiyofumi Motoyama
Guest speakers: Hideki Yano, Masako Kitazaki, Shingo Sadakuni
Sat. December 23, 2006 3:30 – 5:30pm/NADYA Park 7th Cafe
Capacity: 48 persons (Registration required)


1: Apple Store Nagoya Sakae
2-5: 7th Cafe

Date(s) 1: Sat., November 11 2006, 14:00-16:00
2: Fri., December 22 2006, 15:30-17:30
3: Fri., December 22 2006, 18:00-20:00
4: Sat., December 22 2006, 13:00-15:00
5: Sat., December 22 2006, 15:30-17:30
Admission 2-5: Adults: 1,000 yen, Students: 600 yen (drinks, cakes, museum ticket included)

International New Designers Workshop Organizing Committee, IdcN Commemorative Project Organizing Committee (Constituent organizations: City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.)

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

Co-organizer: UNESCO, Sponsor: ASUSTek Computer Inc., Supporters: Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Embassy of Isreal, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau, Japan Design Foundation, Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc,The Organization of Advertising Creation, Architecture Institute of Japan, The Japan Institute of Architecture, Japan Institute of Architect Aichi Society of Architects & Building Engineers

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