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Design Tour
The Glasgow World Design Congress ’93 and Nordic Design

A 26-member Delegation is organized to visit design promoting institutions and design firms in Scandinavia, after which the group will proceed to Glasgow, Scotland to attend “Design Renaissance”, the third joint congress of the three world design bodies : Icograda, ICSID, and IFI. Scandinavian countries have already achieved status as world-leaders in fields like social welfare, living enviroment and the advance of women’s roles in society. Also, Scandinavian design and manufacturing styles ensure uniqueness in addition to universal appeal, a fusion long favored by people throughout the world. The tour will offer us a good opportunity to re-examine social problems in our own country that relate to design. The design centers of every country we visit will cooperat to have us meet with their designers. We visit 23 places, including leading corporate bodies, design institutions and design offices.


Scandinavia, U.K.

Date(s) Sat., August 28 1993 - Sat., September 11 1993

International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

upporters: Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, Japan Design Foundation, Sponsors:Japan Industrial Designer’s Association, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc., Japan Interior Architects/Designer's Association, Japan Package Designer’s Association, Japan Craft Design Association, Council of Chubu Design Organizations, Cooperation: Danish Design Center, Design Forum Finland, Design Council(U.K.), UIAH, Design Museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Bang & Olufsen, Volvo Cars Intercontinental-AB, Ergonomi Design Grupprn AB, Kontrapunkt A/S, Louis Poulsen & Co A/S, Marimekko, Arabia