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Time Shortening due to Typhoon (August 23)

With the approach of the Typhoon 20 to the Tokai region, the International Design Center NAGOYA may shorten opening hours today as follows. Please check in advance at the time of your visit. We apologize  for your inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Design Gallery
The ongoing exhibition, IdcN Collection Exhibition Series vol.23 “Ziggurat Design 30s | American Art Deco and Skyscrapers” ,which usually opens until 18:30, may close earlier today.

creators shop Loop
It may also close earlier today. (*The original opening hours: 12:30-18:30)

Outline (Design Gallery)

Outline (creators shop Loop)

IdcN Collection Exhibition Series vol.23
Ziggurat Design 30s “American Art Deco and Skyscrapers” (Event Schedule)