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The twelfth creators shop Loop: Tenants selected

creators shop Loop ends the 11th session on March 11 2019. After a temporary closure for shop renovation work, receiving new tenants, the shop will relocate/open at CREARE B1f from the 12th session on April 26 2019.

Loop moves from the previous experimental sales space to the practical environment of the commercial facility CREARE. To support the commercialization of the creators, making a public offering in February and based on the submitted sample products and business plans, 12 potential tenants were selected as a result of careful screening and interviews. 4 tenants (2 new and 2 re-entry) have the right to hold booths as year-round tenants for 11 months, and 8 creators were selected as limited-term tenants of about 40 days, which were newly established for the up-coming session. In addition to the year-round tenants, different creators will take part in each limited-term. Look forward to the 12th session in a new store!

The twelfth creators shop Loop
Tenants (brand / representative)
n’ui / Kurumi Iwasaki *New
comafuku / Kunimitsu Matsui *New
SAWAKO KATAOKA / Sawako Kataoka
tsumugi labo / Kazuo Tani *New
Period 1 (April 26 – June 10): Siffon / Yasunori Ito
Period 2 (June 12 – July 22): naonao / Nao Umemura
Period 3 (July 24 – September 2): Manu Mobiles / Junjiro Imai
Period 4 (September 4 – October 14): BY_C1 / Motokazu Sano *New
Period 5 (October 16 – November 25): hallun / Maiko Fukunaga
Period 6 (November 27 – January 6): YUKIMI-CLOSET bowtie / Yukimi Watabe *New
Period 7 (January 8 – February 17): HATAKAGU Planning Studio / Shintaro Hata *New
Period 8 (February 19 – March 29): Ma2co / Hiroko Matsuno

Period (Year-round tenants): April 26, 2019 – March 29, 2020 *About 11 months
Period (Limited-term tenants): About 40 days within the above period (*Period 1〜8)
Open: Throughout the year (except January 1 and May 21) (*It may also be temporarily closed on other days)
Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Relocation place: CREARE B1f (Design Center Building B1f)
*Moves from the 4th floor of Design Center Building to CREARE B1f and the business days and hours changed.

creators shop Loop (Shop website)

Year-round (From the top)
tsumugi labo

Limited-term (From the top)
Period 1: Siffon
Period 2: naonao
Period 3: Manu Mobiles
Period 4: BY_C1

Limited-term (From the top)
Period 5: hallun
Period 6: YUKIMI-CLOSET bowtie
Period 7: HATAKAGU Planning Studio
Period 8: Ma2co