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  • “New Product Development / Branding Project Focusing on Design by Academic-Industrial Collaboration” (September-December)

“New Product Development / Branding Project Focusing on Design by Academic-Industrial Collaboration” (September-December)

Under the guidance of professional designers, enterprises and students will start an industry-academia collaboration project, which carries out product development through workshops.
*Call for participation. Free to join. Language: Japanese. No interpreter. Organized by Chubu Bureau of Economy.

In this project, we organize three teams (each team consists of 1 company and 5 students under the guidance of 1 professional designer). With the participating local company’s products as the theme, each team proposes at least 1 design of souvenir’s package (designed by students for merchandise of participating companies) to be sold in the service area etc. while sharing ideas for each team.

Participating students will create a design by teamwork while acquiring a practical process starting with a site survey of potential sales targets.The work will be presented at the final meeting and will be displayed at public facilities etc. For outstanding works, we aim to actually commercialize and sell by judgment of participating companies.
For companies, participation in this workshop also enables them to experience design-thinking utilization process that can be utilized in design development of their own company’s products.

At the kick-off seminar, participants will also learn about the importance of intellectual property rights indispensable for design development.

New Product Development / Branding Project Focusing on Design by Academic-Industrial Collaboration 2018
Organizer: Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
Planning and Management: International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.

1 Participants
Students: About 15 design students who are enrolled in vocational school, university or graduate school
Companies: Three small and medium-sized enterprises that manufacture and sell local products [agricultural products, livestock products, marine products, noodles, seasonings, confectionery, beverages, and daily necessities (limited to small)] in Aichi, Gifu or Mie.

2 Schedule (Tentative)
(1) Kick-off Seminar: September 3 13:30~18:30
(2) Workshop1 (Research): One day of weekend in mid September 11:00~15:00
(3) Workshop2: Weekday in early October 18:00~21:00
(4) Workshop3: Weekday in late October 18:00~21:00
(5) Workshop4: Weekday in late November 18:00~21:00
(6) Workshop5: Weekday in late December 18:00~21:00
(7) Final Meeting (Presentation): Mid February 14:00~17:00

The state of a workshop held in the past