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Loop 12th session, moves to CREARE B1, in business
The creators shop Loop relocated to CREARE B1f from the 12th session, and will be open until March 29, 2020.

The twelfth session
Tenancy period
Year-round: April 26 2019 – March 29 2020 ※About 11 months
Limited-term: About 40 days within the above period
Open: Throughout the year (except January 1 and May 21) (*It may also be temporarily closed on other days)
Hours: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Relocation place: CREARE B1f (Design Center Building B1f)

Collection Gallery (Former Design Museum)
The Collection Gallery (Former Design Museum) was closed on December 27 2015. We thank you for your continuos support.