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Outline (Design Gallery)

The Design Gallery, an exhibition space consisting of an exhibit room with four meter-high ceilings and an open bridge facing an atrium, provides a superb location for IdcN's temporary exhibits as well as for initial introductions of new products by companies, designers and groups.

Current Exhibition

Ongoing event

- 2017/9/25
Creators Meet The Pinhole Camera 14

Upcoming events

- 2017/10/14
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Department of Design
The 14th Contact Exhibition
- 2017/10/30
Kazuhisa Kusaba Tosaiga Exhibition
- 2017/11/20
The 20th Tecno Art Exhibition
- 2017/11/27
connectA Award 2017 Exhibition
My Name

Please see the event schedule for current information on events and Design Gallery exhibitions, exhibition archives and information on various events, workshops, and upcoming design exhibitions at other venues.

Event Schedule
General Information