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Outline (creators shop Loop)

store image of creators shop loop

creators shop Loop, a space for encouraging initiation and business development, gives creators a place to test out their ambitious proposals in creative fields. Named "Loop" to indicate the feedback between creator and user, it was designed as a marketing-based shop. Tenants are chosen by the judging committee annually.

Loop 13th Session: Open on May 20
creators shop Loop, a shop-type business establishment support facility, provides a place for selling to creators and new business selected by public offering. Having tenants replaced, Loop opens on May 20, 2020.

The thirteenth session
Tenancy period
Year-round: May 20, 2020 - March 21, 2021
Limited-term: About 30 days within the above period
Open: Throughout the year (except January 1, *It may also be temporarily closed on other days)
Hours: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
*Subject to change. Please check the latest information when visiting.

*Loop opened in November 2011 by City of Nagoya as a space to support creators' businesses in Nagoya.

The thirteenth creators shop Loop

Tenancy period: May 20, 2020 - March 21, 2021
At creators shop Loop (Loop), a space for the establishment and support of creators, session thirteenth begins on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, with the following groups, individuals and start-up venture, based on strict document review, sample product assessment and interview results.

The thirteenth creators shop Loop

Tenants (brand / representative)
Tenancy period: May 20, 2020 - March 21, 2021
uzu / Atsushi Aoki *New
SUIYOU / Daisuke Anayama *New
tsumugi labo / Kazuo Tani
Manu Mobiles / Junjirou Imai

Period 1 (April 17 - May 18): n'ui / Kurumi Iwasaki
Period 2 (May 20 - June 22): cucuri / Masateru Yamagami *New
Period 3 (June 24 - July 27): n'ui / Kurumi Iwasaki
Period 4 (May 20 - June 22): cucuri / Masateru Yamagami *New
Period 5 (September 2 - October 5): naonao / Nao Umemura
Period 6 (October 7 - November 9): SAMO serendipity / Aya Ohashi *New
Period 7 (November 11 - December 7): Ma2co / Hiroko Matsuno
Period 8 (December 9 - January 11): SAWAKO KATAOKA / Sawako Kataoka
Period 9 (January 13 - February 15): hyoutan cafe / Ai Inoue
Period 10 (February 17 - March 21): MARUKI CRAFT, INC. / Kenichi Amano *New
Period 11 (March 2 - March 21): n'ui / Kurumi Iwasaki

At Loop, in order to bridge with customers, we provide creators themselves the opportunity such as to hold various events and or to explain their products directly.
General Information
creators shop Loop (Official website)
creators shop Loop (Facebook)
Primary project constituent : City of Nagoya
Planning and management : International Design Center NAGOYA, Inc.
Cooperation : Gain, Council of Chubu Design Organizations, NPO Made in Japan Project

The 13th session tenants (random order)

Year-roundYear-round (From the top)
tsumugi labo
Manu Mobiles

Limited-termLimited-term (From the top)
Period 1, 3: n'ui
Period 2, 4: cucuri
Period 5: naonao

Limited-termLimited-term (From the top)
Period 6: SAMO serendipity
Period 7: Ma2co

Limited-termLimited-term (From the top)
Period 9: hyoutan cafe
Period 11: n'ui


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