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Outline (creators shop Loop)

store image of creators shop loop

creators shop Loop, a space for encouraging initiation, gives young creators a place to test out their ambitious proposals in creative fields and supports their activities. Named "Loop" to indicate the feedback between creator and user, it was designed as a marketing-based shop that gives creators who plan to establish themselves in the Nagoya area the opportunity to sell their products, find out about users' needs and plug this response back into product development. Tenants are chosen by the judging committee and have between eleven months and two years to work on display from the ground up, sell their products, hold events and publicize their activities.

*Loop opened in November 2011 by City of Nagoya as a space to support creators' businesses in Nagoya.

The tenth creators shop Loop

Tenancy period: April 13, 2017 - March 12, 2018
At creators shop Loop, a space for the establishment and support of creators, session ten begins on Tursday, April 13, 2017, with the following groups, individuals and atart-up venture, based on strict document review, sample product assessment and interview results.

Tenants for the tenth session
LYT store
tsuchi no kage
tsumugi labo
hyoutan cafe
At Loop, we provide the opportunity for creators to engage with their users by holding events, and being on hand to describe their products directly.
General Information
creators shop Loop (Official website)
creators shop Loop (Facebook)
Primary project constituent : City of Nagoya
Planning and management : International Design Center NAGOYA, Inc.
Cooperation : Gain, Council of Chubu Design Organizations, NPO Made in Japan Project

LYT storeLYT store

Tsuchi no Kagetsuchi no kage

Tsumugi Labtsumugi labo



Work Center Hyoutan Cafehyoutan cafe


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