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Report: Corporate Support・Design Planning and Production FY 2013

City of Nagoya Design Utilization Support Program: New Product Development Design Advice

Entrepreneur Promotion: Design Lab

Design Planning and Production

Dispatch of Experts

International Design Center Nagoya supports industrial promotion through design by offering guidance for product development based on applied design, providing design-related information and leasing space to individuals who are considering starting a business. We also respond to demands for the dispatch of experts, including advisors and judges, as well as supply highly satisfying design work.

Major Achivements
●City of Nagoya Design Utilization Support Program: New Product Development Design Advice

This policy supports Nagoya’s small and medium-sized companies’ new product development. We sent design experts to companies and provided detailed design guidance through prototype completion.
(Period: August 2013-March 2014 / Companies: 8 / Dispatches of experts: 69 times, total)

●Free Design Consultation
IdcN provided advice on how to introduce design into business. We also support application to the Good Design Award.
(Year round / Consultation: 25 cases)

●Operation of Creative Industries Information Website
In the Creative Industries Promotion Project, by providing opportunities to match small and medium-sized businesses and local businesses with design offices or creators, we aim for an even higher level of manufacturing and even more regional development.
LINKS HUB www.idcn.jp/linkshub
(Registered companies: 105 / Hits:14,478)
Design Office Portal-site www.idcn-db.jp
(Registered offices: 436 / Hits: 66,702)

●Entrepreneur Promotion: Design Lab
We lease space to design-oriented companies aiming to begin new businesses, design divisions, design-related offices and so forth [selections made by Tenant Committee]. Nagoya City and International Design Center Nagoya subsidized applicants who met conditions.
(Total tenants: 7 / Supporting tenants: 6)

●Design Planning and Production
From posters and PR tools to planning and management of a wide range of events, we implemented high-quality, richly original multi-media design and planning. We strove to provide highly satisfying design.

●Dispatch of Experts
Responding to requests, we dispatched our staff and outside experts as advisors, lecturers and judges.