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Report: IdcN Design Promotion FY 2012

IdcN Collection Exhibition Series (Collection Gallery)

In order to improve and expand understanding and awareness of design, as well as to promote design activities, throughout the year we held such events as exhibits, seminars and workshops, featuring a wide range of items representing various design disciplines.

■International Exchange
At International Design Center NAGOYA, we exchange information with the international and domestic design communities, not least of which is represented by the three largest design organizations (ICSID, Icograda and IFI), and we work tirelessly towards mutual understanding and promotion of design. 
Design Week Holon 2012
IdcN was invited to participate in this international design event held in the city of Holon in Israel. Our presentation covered design activities in Nagoya, including IdcN’s, both at home and abroad. (Holon, Israel/Sun., April 8 2012 – Wed., April11 2012)/ Photo: left, middle
Mirit Weinstock [M♥W] Design Talk 
This was a talk and presentation by two jewelry designers, Loop tenant uni-t Design’s Takafumi Inazuka and Mirit Weinstock, a creator active in Tel Aviv, Israel. (creators shop Loop/Mon., July 16 2012/50)/ Photo: right
Mirit Weinstock [M♥W] Design Talk (Event Schedule)
Report: Mirit Weinstock [M♥W] Design Talk (Report)

■Internship Program
In the interest of human resource development, we accepted trainees from a design-related university for field trips, on-site training in design promotion and so on. (Fri., November 16 2012 -Fri.,  December 14 2012/Hosted two graduate students from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

■Design Gallery Management, Exhibitions, Etc.
The International Design Center holds independent projects in the Design Gallery, but also allows designers and manufacturers to use it as an announcement space, which enhances our presentation of the appeal of design.
Event Schedule 

■Collection Gallery Planning and Management
In the Collection Gallery, we display pieces from the International Design Center’s American Art Deco Collection and otherwise introduce design from a historical viewpoint.
IdcN Collection Exhibition Series Vol.17: Streamlined
We displayed items from the American Art Deco Collection that represent the symbol of modern design of the 1930s: Streamlined design. (Collection Gallery/Wed., November 16 2011 – Mon., Desember 3 2012/Visitors: 28,332)/ Photo: left
IdcN Collection Exhibition Series Vol.18: Color: The Colors and Materials of American Art Deco
We present not only the wide variety of specific colors that appeared in household items in the 1930s, but also the technological innovation and new materials that were the origin of their expression. (Collection Gallery/Fri., January 11 2013 – Sun., November 17 2013/as of March 31, 2013, Visitors: 6,317)/ Photo: right
American Art Deco Collection (Collection Gallery)

■Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration
GOOD DESIGN AWARD Application Procedure Explanatory Meeting
The GOOD DESIGN AWARD is sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion(JDP). In conjunction with JDP we held an explanatory meeting outlining the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2012 and its application procedure. In order to highlight the Chubu region’s manufacturers and design strengths, we used the event as an opportunity to call on businesses and designers to apply for the award. (Seminar Room 3/Thu., May 10 2012/Participants: 44)/ Photo: left, middle
Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry: Chubu Block Design Meeting
In an effort to implement more effective initiatives in the promotion of regional design, 13 design administrations and promotional bodies under the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry held a personnel meeting to talk about policies and exchange opinions. 2012 was the 20th anniversary of the founding of IdcN, and we held this meeting as part of our program of commemorative events.  (Seminar Room 2/Thu., November 15 2012/Participants: 11 Organizations)
/ Photo: right