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american art deco collection


IdcN Collection Exhibition Series vol.21

American AD of 1930s | Lifestyle and Products

IdcN Collection Exhibition Series vol.21
American AD of 1930s | Lifestyle and Products (Poster image)

Gas Pump / Era: 1930s

Magazine Advertising “GENERAL” / Era: Latter 1930s

Diffusion of automobiles was not only for the distribution field but also for a wide range of people's actions. In the automotive industry attracting attention, not only vehicles but also those with high design have appeared in gas pumps as peripheral equipment.

This is a serial exhibit in which we show, on a theme-by-theme basis, our nearly 2,000 examples of Art Deco design from the United States in the 1930s. This time, focusing on advertisements and products, we pick up mainly the magazine ads among the numerous advertisements developed with the development of media in the 1930s, and along with its appeal, introduce the latest products of the time that appeared in advertisements.

In the 1930s, the development of infrastructure and the accompanying development of products were remarkable due to advances in technology, and it was an era when people’s lives were changed drastically.
Production technologies, industrial forms and new materials brought by the Industrial Revolution in the early 20th century not only brought major changes to the industry, but also played a role in creating a new lifestyle, especially in the United States. Vehicles and electrical appliances that appeared one after another in a competing manner brought unprecedented convenience to daily life, and its remarkable change depicted the public with a bright future image due to technological innovation during the recovery from recession.
The new value of “creating a rich lifestyle with the latest technology” has led to an American style with a unique culture called pop culture and strong America from the 1930s to the 1950s.

In this exhibition, we will introduce a number of vehicles and electrical appliances that have greatly influenced people’s lifestyle, centering on posters and advertisements coloring magazines, one of the leading media of the 1930s.

American Art Deco Collection
IdcN holds approximately 2,000 Art Deco items, ranging from furniture to electric appliances, tableware, magazines and posters, all of which were produced in the United States in the 1930s. This mode of design, having permeated the country at the dawn of the age of mass production, serves as precious material demonstrating the great shift in society and the industrial structure in the 20th Century. Even today, these supremely playful objects assert an uncanny freshness.


作品画像 雑誌広告「NEW MERCURY 8」 作品画像 流線型列車玩具「City of Salina」

Magazine Advertisement “NEW MERCURY 8” / Year: 1940 (Left)
The automobile brand “Mercury” which Ford began production from 1938 hit as a popular car and later sold abroad.

Streamlined Toy Train City of Salina” / Era: Mid 1930s (Right)
One of the streamlined trains that gathered topics with speed and beautiful styling in the 1930s. Many elaborate luxury toys are also produced due to their popularity.

作品画像 雑誌広告「ALCOA ALUMINUM」 作品画像 雑誌広告「Western Electric」

Magazine Advertisement “ALCOA ALUMINUM” / Era: 1930s (Left)
At that time the train competed for speeding up using new materials, but the beauty of streamlined styling also took notice.

Magazine Advertisement “Western Electric” / Era: Latter 1930s (Right)
Western Electric, known for numerous technical developments, released a square styling phone by designer Henry Dreyfuss in the 1930s. It became the prototype of the so-called black phone.

作品画像 流線型列車玩具「Streamliner baby radio」 作品画像 雑誌広告「TOAST MASTER」

FADA Model 1000 Catalin “Bullet” Radio / Era: 1941 (Left)
In the 1930’s radio where numerous decorative designs were produced, the model proposed for color variation of plastic, aiming at miniaturization.

Magazine Advertisement “TOAST MASTER” / Era: 1930s (Right)
Diffusion of home appliances has brought about major changes also to kitchens in general homes, and a wide variety of products appeared according to functions such as waffle toaster and mixer.

IdcN Collection Exhibition Series vol.21
American AD of 1930s | Lifestyle and Products

Period: August 4 – September 4, 2016
Venue: Design Gallery, International Design Center NAGOYA
Organizer: International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.