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Loop 13th session starts! (May 20)

creators shop Loop (Loop), a shop-type business establishment support facility, provides a place for selling to creators and new business selected by public offering. Having tenants replaced, Loop opens its 13th session on May 20, 2020. At Loop, in order to bridge with customers, we provide creators themselves the opportunity such as to hold various events and or to explain their products directly.
For more information, please visit the Loop official web site.

■Current Tenants
: May 20, 2020 – March 21, 2021
uzu *New                  SUIYOU *New

tsumugi labo             Manu Mobiles

tsumugi laboManu Mobiles

Limited-term: Tenants replaced approximately every 30days within the above period
cucuri: May 20 – June 22, 2020

Period (Year-round tenants): May 20, 2020 – March 21, 2021
Period (Limited-term tenants): About 30 days within the above period
Open: Throughout the year (except January 1) (*It may also be temporarily closed on other days)
Hours: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm (For the time being)
Location: CREARE B1f (Design Center Building B1f)
*Subject to change. Please check the latest information.

creators shop Loop (Shop website)