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Traffic Restrictions due to Nagoya Festival (October 15-16)

Annual Nagoya Festival which consist of mainly the Kyodo Eiketsu Gyoretsu (Parade of local historic personages) will be held on October 15-16, and traffic restrictions including traffic closure will be carried out by passage of the parade.

On the road leading to the International Design Center NAGOYA, traffic restrictions such as traffic prohibition and lane regulation are carried out during the time when the parade passes, as described below, and traffic congestion on the surrounding road is also expected.
When visiting International Design Center NAGOYA and NADYA Park, please check the details on the organizer’s website.

Traffic Restrictions due to Nagoya Festival
October 15: From Nagoya station (13:30) via Hirokoji-dori and Otsu-dori to  Wakamiya-dori (Yaba-cho)
October 16: From Nagoya City Hall (12:05) via Otsu-dori to Wakamiya-dori (Yaba-cho)

The 68th Nagoya Festival

pdf Traffic regulation map (October 15)

pdf Traffic regulation map (October 16)