cofounder of 'HERE', a design concept store in Hong Kong.
Millie Wong Mei Lan
Received her professional degree in journalism in Hong Kong. Then she worked closely with various renowned professionals in the creative field in Hong Kong. She had been the studio manager of photographers - Holly Wong and Ringo Lee, the personal assistant of a film director - Tsui Hark and the executive assistant of a multi-media performance group - Zuni Icosahedron.

In 1999, she was one of the cofounders of a design concept store called 'HERE' in Hong Kong which had been actively introduced new design talents and their home living products from around the world. She contributed her effort in the aspect of merchandising and shop management. Since 2002, HERE was transformed into a workshop focusing on interior design consultancy, Millie takes the role of project manager for some residential design cases.

As a companion and working partner of Craig Au Yeung for over two decades, Millie has also involved in the post production of numerous projects regarding graphic design, comix production, book publishing and exhibition.
Dutch contextual designer specializing in the field of Trend, Concept & Design
Cindy van den Bremen
Dutch designer Cindy graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1999 and works as an independent contextual designer in the field of Trend, Concept & Design. Her work breathes a certain sense of idealism: 'my strong believe is that prejudice is caused by a lack of information and interest. As a designer I think I can trigger the interest of others through my projects and give information people otherwise might not be interested in. This way I can add to a better world and that's what I think my duty, as a contextual designer should be'. Projects are realised independently or in co-operation with other (creative) parties where different disciplines are represented. Cindy works both on assignment as well as on her own initiative. She has designed a line of sportscaps (, which won a Good Design Award 2002 and published a book about veiling. Together with some other parties (TU Delft, TNO, Electrolux and P&G) she worked on the realisation of her concept of the Wash-in, a sustainable laundry-service.
Chief Designer, Technical Research Center Headquarters Design Center, INAX Corporation
Nobuho Miyawaki
Born 1960 in Fukuoka. Graduated from Aichi Prefecture University of Fine Arts and Music. After joining INAX in 1984, Miyawaki has been responsible for projects involving Interior tiles, project planning, color-design, shower/toilet design, and now oversees the design projects at the Design Center of INAX's Technical Research Center Headquarters.
Naoko Nakamura
Born 1973 in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Keio University in Performance Arts, with research thesis on 'GOZE (a blind Shamisen-playing itinerant woman)- the bilateral characters of sacredness and baseness in Japanese traditional performing arts'. As a young student, Nakamura came across an exhibition of Isson Tanaka- a Japanese painter whose works never received any public recognition during his lifetime. The experience left such an impact on her that she was inspired to choose her current profession so that she can help put the spotlight on the unsung heroes'. Since she joined NHK in 1996, she has been in charge of the organization of exhibitions, events related to education and welfare as well as conducting public surveys. Amongst them are exhibitions featuring the collaboration between artists and painters with physical disabilities.