International New Designers Workshop2006 Symposium
love & marriage, work & children, family & society
13:30- 13:40
Mr. Yutaka Takehara, Chairperson of International New Designers Wrokshop Organizing Committee
Mr. Shuichi Kuratsubo, President of International Design Center NAGOYA

13:40- 14:15
special short lecture by guest speaker
'The history of professional career women reflected by the diversity of changing lifestyles in Japan'

Ms. Yoshiko Watanabe, Executive Planner of Recruit Co. Ltd., & Chairperson of Women's Information Society

14:15- 14:30
Brief overview of workshop
Mr. Nicolas Fonseca, Produce of Bluesponge & Creative Director of this year's workshop

14:30- 14:40

14:40- 15:10 team A
Building Communities
How can universal design be applied towards the building of a sustainable community? How can we create community services that will bring the residents closer? The team will visit "Kids and Town Network", an NPO promoting raising children in the community network, "La Cuna Maternity Centre" which supports alternative birth and "Kuni House", a community-run space open for all generations. How design can help build communities will be proposed.

15:10- 15:40 team B
Work & Career
How can men and women working together in the pursuit of meaningful careers? How can design be applied to working environment? These issues will be tackled by interviews with a female manager at Nagoya City Gender Equality Promotion Centre and the Editor-in-Chief of "Travaille", a classified-ad magazine for young women. Team members will bring their own countries' policies on gender equality to do a comparative study amongst different cultures.

15:40- 16:10 team C
How can we make our city safer for women to enjoy city life? What can we do to make young mothers with small children have a better life? The team will experience the woman-only metro introduced by City of Nagoya's Transportation Bureau and meet mothers at Crea Kindergarten which is affiliated with Nagoya University of Arts.

16:10- 16:20 break

16:20- 16:50 team D
Love & Marriage
How do the perspectives on marriage and relationships affect our life? What is behind the currently much-debated issues such as not getting married, getting married later in life, or declining birthrate? Interviews will be conducted to a wedding producer, and a group of young women of different lifestyles (single/married, freelance/employed, living oneีs own/with family etc).

16:50- 17:20 team E
How can we develop gender-specific design with a social impact to improve our daily life? What are some of the hidden and difference between men and women's perspectives in our daily life? The team will interview a Japanese companies, Nippon Menard Cosmetic, to examine how female designers produce men's commodities and how male designers develop products targeting female consumers. At the same time they will study the end-users by visiting a family of three generation living together in Nagoya to see what a Japanese lifestyle for family is like.

17:20- 17:30
summary of workshop
Ms. Mouna Andraos,Creative Director, madeinMTL/BlueSponge, Canada

18:30 - 20:00
Sayonara Party

MC: Mr. Ziad Touma, Director madeinMTL, Canada

Mr. Yutaka Takehara/ Chairperson of International New Designers Wrokshop Organizing Committee
Mr. Katsutoshi Ishibashi, Editor-in-chief, AXIS Magazine
Ms. Yoko Kawasaki, President, Rivernet
Ms. Kobayashi Ikuko, Executive Director and Secretary General, Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ms. Kumi Sato, Editor-in-chief, Avenue Magazine
Ms. Noriko Shibuya, Executive Director, Nagoya City Gender Equality Promotion Center