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IdcN - DCB Design Exchange Project
2010 Korea-Japan Design Exchange Exhibition
Theme: Qi - Digital Energy

In 2007, concurrent with the opening of Design Center Busan, International Design Center NAGOYA (IdcN) and Design Center Busan (DCB) implemented the IdcN–DCB design exchange project, aiming for the promotion of mutual understanding and exchange of designers from both regions through the centers’ cooperation and coordination.
This year, the Korea-Japan Exchange Exhibition will be part of the comprehensive design event Design Week 2010 Busan. With the theme, Qi-Digital Energy, we’ve developed an ambitious plan in order to show you the now of digital design. To the conventional poster exhibition, we will add film and animation, presenting a total of about 120 creators from Japan and South Korea.


Exhibition Hall I・II, Design Center Busan

Date(s) Wed., November 10 2010 - Wed., November 17 2010
10:00 - 18:00
Closed Open daily
Admission Free

Design Center Busan, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

Supporters: Busan Federation of Designers, Busan Film Animation Forum, Chubu Creators Club, Japan Animated Film Planning Supervisor: Masahiko Yoshida, Cooperation: Nagoya University of Arts, Institute of Advanced Media Arts Sciences

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2010 Korea-Japan Design Exchange Exhibition (Flyer image)