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Nagoya Project 8

At International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., we began Nagoya Project 8*(NP8), a branding project to vitalize the special products of the area. This project, bound to nourish, returns to the region’s origins, gathers young designers and proposes a new “Nagoya Design”.

Exhibition at NADYA Park
This exhibition introduces two projects: Kin Shachi Font Project and Mei-butsu Consideration Committee. The first example of use of Kin Shachi Font, “Nagoya-ben Karuta**”(produced by Tokai Television), and the new Mei-butsu*** that were sold at the exhibition were well received. In addition, the Mei-butsu Project garnered the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau Award, the International Design Center NAGOYA Award and the Audience Award.

*Nagoya Project 8 (NP8): The number 8 [hachi in Japanese] is a reference to the maruhachi, a tree fern that is Nagoya’s symbol. In 2010 interest in Nagoya rose as it welcomed its 400th anniversary. “Enjoy Nagoya”, “Know Nagoya”; through new experiments in design and proposals for regional flavor from the ideas of young designers, NP8 evoked both understanding and attachment to their region in the citizens, and at the same time appealed nationally and internationally using Nagoya Design as a communication tool, with the goal of constructing urban branding for Nagoya.

**Nagoya-ben Karuta: traditional card-based word game, imaginatively recreated in the Nagoya dialect.
***”Mei-butsu[Meibutsu]” means famous things from an area, or souvenirs.

Venue(s) Atrium
2th Fl., Design Center Bldg., 18-1, Sakae 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, 460-0008 Japan


Date(s) Thu., October 14 2010 - Sun., October 17 2010
11:00 - 20:00
Closed Open daily
Admission Free

International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

Co-organizers: Type Project×Openends, Mei-butsu [Nagoya Souvenirs] Consideration Committee, NAGOYA DESIGN WEEK 2010 Organizing Committee, Supporter: Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau, Cooperation: Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee

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Nagoya Project 8