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World Fair Trade Day Nagoya 2021
Coffee Summit
-From tasty coffee connected to the world. Let's talk about the friendly future-

The largest coffee festival in the Tokai area, where coffee shops from all over the country gather in the cafe culture town of Nagoya. A “delicious” special day connected by coffee!

Fair Trade Coffee Comparison 9:50 – 16:00
Compare up to 5 cups of specialty coffee from around the world that connect with production areas such as fair trade certified coffee, direct trade, community trade, organic, sustainability, traceability, specialty, etc.

Coffee Summit 10:00 – 16:00
Talks with coffee shop owners, reports on Marche in the park, and live broadcasts of coffee production areas in Rwanda, Colombia, and East Timor

Fair Trade Marche 10:00 – 17:00
Marche by stores handling local, domestic and overseas fair trade products

World Fair Trade Day: The second Saturday of May is the World Fair Trade Day, on which events are held around the world. It is a day to meet the fair trade initiatives that “thinks about the world, rooted in the community”


Meijo Park
1-2 Meijo, Kita-ku, Nagoya, 462-0846 Japan

Date(s) Sat., May 8 2021
10:00 - 17:00
Admission Coffee Summit: Free, Comparing the Taste of Different Fair Trade Coffees: 1,500 yen

World Fair Trade Day Nagoya Organizing Committee, I and See Corp.

Co-organaizer(s). etc.

Supporters: Aichi Prefecture, City of Nagoya, Japan International Cooperation Agency Chubu Center, The Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Nagoya International Center, Nagoya Fashion Association, Aichi International Association, Fair Trade Forum Japan, Sponsors: éthical penélopé, ORGABITS, Kuki Sangyo Corp., CCS Coffee Co., Ltd., Turning Point Co., Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corp., Fair Trade Marche, Cooperation: Fair Trade Nagoya Network, Sustainable Story, Inc., International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.

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World Fair Trade Day Nagoya 2021 (Flyer image)