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The 7th International Competition NAGOYA DESIGN DO! 2010


"NAGOYA DESIGN DO!" is a program designed to provide an opportunity for young, talented designers to develop their skills and exchange ideas with one another. It targets young people from around the globe and is held in the form of a competition every two years. Winning works will be awarded prizes and the artists will be invited to a workshop where, by interacting with each other in a work-like setting, they can share their talent and enjoy wide-ranging points of view.


Design to Empower Tomorrow

Categories qualified for entry

All areas of design are applicable for entry. Innovative design based on the competition theme is encouraged. There are 4 application divisions:

1. Product Division
2. Spatial Division
3. Visual Communication Division
4. Other Division

Works qualified for entry

Only new works that have not yet been made public can be submitted.
Only one work can be submitted by each applicant or group.

Qualifications to enter

Application is possible by any individual or group between the ages of 18 and 34.


Term of accepting application for the first screening: From April 1, to 23, 2010

Application Method

First screening
Each work must be presented in 5 image files or less & concept text via online.

Final screening
Only applicants whose works have passed the first screening are allowed to apply for the final screening. Flat objects, solid works, or video works and presentation images are the requirements.

Judging and Judges

The 1st Screening: June 10 and 11, 2010 (2 days)
Venue: Design Gallery. IdcN

(Panel of Judges)

Chairperson of the Jury Haruhiko ASAI
Product designer / Japan
Judges Yoshiaki NISHIMURA Planning Director / Japan
Shigeki HATTORI Designer / Japan
Takashi HONDA Product designer / Japan
Miyako MAEKITA Copywriter / Japan

The Final Screening: October 7 and 8, 2010 (2 days)
Open ti public on October 8 Number of participants:151
Venue: Design Hall. IdcN

(Panel of Judges)

Chairperson of the Jury Haruhiko ASAI
Product designer / Japan
Judges Yoshiaki NISHIMURA Planning Director / Japan
Shigeki HATTORI Designer / Japan
Miyako MAEKITA Copywriter / Japan
Jöerg SUERMANN CEO of DMY Berlin GmbH & Co. KG / Germany

Prize and Prize money

Grand Prix (one award) 1 million yen
Division Prize (4 awards)
1. Product Division (1 award)
2. Spatial Division (1 award)
3. Visual Communication Division (1 award)
4. Other Division (1 award)
100,000 yen each
Honorable Mention (approx. fifteen awards) Memento for each recipient

The grand prix and division prize winners will be invited to a workshop held at the International Design Center NAGOYA

Results of entries

The 1st Screening

Total number of entries: 1,503

Countries and regions 26 Countries and regions Japan: 395(26%)
Overseas: 1,108(74%)
Applicants Gender Male: 803(53.4%)
Female: 688(45.8%)
Unknown: 12(0.8%)
Occupation Student: 1,134(75.4%)
In-house Designer: 111(7.4%)
Freelance Designer: 171(11.4%)
Other: 87(5.8%)

The Final Screening

Number of entries: 31pieces


Awards: 5 pieces (Grand Prix: 1 award Division Prize: 4 awards)
Honorable Mentions: 20 pieces


Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee
Nagoya International Design Competition Committee
Consisting of Nagoya City, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Council of Chubu Design Organization (CCDO)