Workshop Tutor : Yoko Kawasaki , Kinuyo Goto
Park So Young
Seoul National University
Visual Communication Design M1
> C.I B.I
GOIRO (2005) / Geidai Art Plaza (2005) / Lottie's Farm (2005) / HeavenLand C.C (2005) / Songdo New City (2005) / Bizen (2005) / AARC (2004) / esence (2004) / NAMAE Electronics (2003) / Rainbow (2003)
> Information & Editorial Design
Seoul National University Design Research Center Sign System (2004) / ANDERSON (2003) / La Quisine News Letter (2003) / E-motion Portfolio Book (2002) / Hyundai Motors Welcomepack (2002) / Portfolio Book (2000) / Book Design (1999) / Reaflet Design (1998) / Typography 'Waiting for Godot' (1998)
> Exhibition
'Seoul, A Living History' Exhibition (2004) / Identity Lab Exhibition (2004)
> Poster
Propaganda 'Trust Me' (2000) / Self Identity 'Flying to my star'(2000) / History of Movies (2000) / Movie 'Velvet Goldmine' (1999) / Graphic Activism (1998)
> Illustration
Dog of Andromeda (2005) / Postpet Park Korea (2002) / Drawing 'Someone's eyes' (1997)
> Website Design
Good-i (2002) / SBSme (2002) / H-mall (2002) / Mobile Internet Star Quiz (2003)
> Research
C.I Trend Research (2004)
> Etc
PIGI Show for the Opening of Korea National Museum (2005) / AD of Baby Brand 'Poplar' (2000)
> Design Group 'ANIDA'
ANIDA 001, 002, 003, 004 (1998-2000) / Metro Art Project 'WOW' (1999)
Fan Hong Ye
Art and Design press
(MAJOR, NAME OF UNIVERSITY): Japanese Major (BA) from Heilongjiang University,China
BRIEF EXPLANATION OF BACKGROUND: 2003-present editor of Art and Design Press
Chau Chiu Man, Emily
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Media Design (Year 2)
[ Education ]
09/2004-current / Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong) - Higher Diploma of Digital Media Design (Year 2)
09/2002-07/2004 / Wing Kwong College - F.6 to F.7
09/1996-07/2002 / True Light Girls’ College - F.1 to F.5
[ Qualifications & Professional Exam Results ]
2004 / HKAEE - the HKAL Certificate
2001, 2002 / HKAEE - the HKCEE Certificate
[ Work Experience ]
10/2004-09/2005 / Private tutor, to guide secondary students in academics, especially the Mathematics
06/2005-current / Graphic Designer (summer job) in Prime Success Enterprises Limited.
02/2004-current / Private piano teacher, to teach 2 primary students piano skills
summer 2003 / Piano teacher in Hip Hong Society, to teach children who suffer from autism
summer 2003 / Office assistant in Tung Siu Tong Secondary School
07/2005-current / Graphic design for HK Cocktal School, to design graphics for advertisements and notes
[ Languages ]
Languagesl Cantonese: Nativel Englishl Mandarin
[ Interpersonal/ management skills ]
2000-2001 / In Secondary School (True Light Girls’ College) / Chairman of Art and Design Club
2002-2003 / Chairman of Class Association
2001-2002, 2002-2003 / Sports Captain of Class Association(Wing KwongCollege)/Prefect leader/ Chairman of English Society
2002-2003 / Chairman of Class Asscociation
IVE (KT) :
2003-2004 / Helper in Open Day, to design poster, invitation card, banner and backdrop
2005 / Design Template for IVE booth in BODW / Captain in Volleyball Team
2004-2005 / Best Student Award in IVE (KT)
2004-2005 / Best Academic Performance in English & Communication
2003-2004 / Best Academic Performance in English & Communication
Nawamas Sakornwimon
Department of Industrial design.3rd year
Industrial design has inspired me and it has always been my desire and passion to learn to be professional in this area since I was a young child. As a third year student in Industrial Design Department, Chulalongkorn University, I do enjoy all the classes and the hand-on learning experiences that all the distinguished faculties here have kindly provided us. Moreover I am very glad that, in addition to course works, I also have had many opportunities to take parts in various related activities outside the university including design projects, contest in design works, concept formation, and academic and non-academic university activities. All these works compliment each others. Not only they offer me opportunity to apply knowledge and skills obtained from the university to the real work, but they also enrich, extend, and enhance my then existed design creativity and team-work spirit. I am highly interested to participate in the Nagoya Design Center Project, and I believe that I could make good contribution to the program. Furthermore, this program will provide me a very excellent opportunity to work with all the colleges from different countries and to expand my horizon on the both the research on the design and the design itself. I look forward to your kind consideration of my application. Regardless of the outcome, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and thanks of your serious consideration.
Ayaka Imanishi
Musashino Art University
visual communication design 2year
I was born in Gifu in Japan.
I entered the art course of the Ka-no high school in Gifu in 2001 and graduated in 2004.
I entered the visual communication design course of Musasino Art University in 2004 and I belong to there now.
Masafumi Kusakawa
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Environmental Space Design 3year
2005 spring:
the basic design exhibition (2005, held in the gallery of denki bunka kaikan., Nagoya)
2005 spring:
the 6th CHUBU Electric Power co.,Inc's office building east side shop window competition.
2005 summer:
Inter-Design Workshop 2005 (2005, held in South Korea., Suwon)
2005 autumn:
Student exhibition of the Tokyo designer’s week 2005 (2005, held in Kyoto & Tokyo)
Naoko Hiraiwa
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Product Design Senior
2002-current: “Jerry & Design Shop Tapirus”, as a Jewelry designer
2003 summer: "Creator’s Market"
2003 summer: "GARU" exhibition
2003 summer: "Campus festa" exhibition
2004 spring: "Basic Design" exhibition
2004 spring: "SAKURA apartment"
2004 summer: "Stephany" fashion show
2004 summer: Inter-Design Workshop 2004 (NUAS + Kyonggi University, held in NUAS, Nagoya)
2004 summer: Solitary journey around Europe
2004 autumn: "HYPE" fashion show
2004 autumn: fashion show in campus festival (guest)
2005 autumn: "Popo" Jewelry shop
Keigo Takemoto
Nagoya Univercity
Information Science Department of Systems
2005/03: Nagoya City Univercity School of Design and Architecture Department of Human          
Environmental Design graduate
2005/04: Nagoya Univercity
Graduate School of Information Science
Department of Systems and Social Informatics Designing of Electronic Media & Societyenter