Name of project :
International New Designers Workshop 2006 - 50:50 love & marriage, work & children, family & society
Venues :
International Design Center NAGOYA (IdcN), NAGOYA INTERNATIONAL CENTER, City of Nagoya, Japan
Organized by :
International New Designers Workshop Organizing Committee (City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.)
Produced by :
Leimei Julia Chiu / Director, Global Communications, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.
[ Objective ]
This multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary workshop, for both young designers and students, was founded in 2000 and held annually. The project aims to nurture the future generation, which is courageous in challenging convention. We invite those in the vanguard of frontier fields, as well as professionals conducting academic research. The goal is to facilitate networking among participants in barrier-free, collaborative work among those in educational environments and those pursuing diverse professional disciplines.
[ Date and Location ]
Workshop period (including the symposium and field-research) : Sat. February 4 - Fri. February 10, 2006
Symposium and workshop : International Design Center NAGOYA, NAGOYA INTERNATIONAL CENTER
Field research : Around City of Nagoya, Japan
[ Workshop Participants ]
This workshop is open to students from architecture, industrial design, visual communication design, multimedia, as well as professional young in-house designers from companies, and writers from design related magazines. To encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration amongst academic institutions and industries, each team will be made up of members from different disciplines, gender, and cultural backgrounds.
Confirmed participating schools and companies
BlueSponge/ Canada Urban Operator/Canada
Couzin Films/ Canada
Design Center, ASUS/ Taiwan
editors, Art & Design Magazine/ China
Ecole des Beaux-arts de Saint-Etienne/France
Chulalongkorn University/ Thailand
Seoul National University/ Korea
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology/ Korea
Hong Kong Polytechnic University/ Hong Kong
Hong Kong Institue of Vocational Education/ Hong Kong
Instituto Superior Technico of Lisbon/ Portugal
Musashino Art University
Nagoya University
Aichi Sangyo University
Nagoya University of Arts
Nagoya City University
Nagoya Zokei University
Nagoya University of Arts & Science
Writer from Designers Workshop Magazine.
[ Workshop Creative Directors ]
Nicolas Fonseca / Producer, Creative Director, BlueSponge
Mouna Andraos / Creative Director, Interactive Designer
Ziad Touma / Producer, Director, Scriptwriter
Workshop Tutors
Setsu Hanazaki / Integrated Theater Arts Workshop Facilitator
Maki Arakawa / Workshop Facilitator
Yoko Kawasaki / President, Rivernet
Kinuyo Goto / Kimono Collector
Robin Huang / Associate Professor, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Workshop Producer
Leimei Julia Chiu / Director, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.
Workshop Web Design
Maki Taguchi
[ Organized by ]
International New Designers Workshop Organizing Committee
Mr. Yutaka Takehara / Chairperson, CCDO (Central Creative Directors Organization)
Board Members
Mr. Hisashi IIkai / Editor, Designers Workshop Magazine
Mr. Katsutoshi Ishibashi / Editor-in-chief, AXIS Magazine
Ms. Yoko Kawasaki / President, Rivernet
Ms. Kobayashi Ikuko / Executive Director and Secretary General, Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mr. Robin Huang / Associate professor, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Ms. Keiko Sito / Professor, Musashino Art University
Ms. Kumi Sato / Editor-in-chief, Avenue Magazine
Ms. Noriko Shibuya / Executive Director, Nagoya City Gender Equality Promotion Center
Mr. Makoto Hagiwara / Associate professor, Nagoya University of Arts
Ms. Yoshiko Watanabe / Executive Planner of Recruit Co. Ltd., & Chairperson of Women's Information Society
Mr. Aira Yamauchi / Director, Industry Department, Civic & Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Nagoya
Secretary General
Mr. Harumasa Sakakibara / Manager, International Design Center NAGOAY
[ Workshop Staffs ]
Chika Kudo, Eiji Hayashi, Hanae Iwamoto, Ban Yukari, Yumi Kawai, Ayako Yamauchi, Tsuyoshi Nagura
[ For Inquires ]
International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.
6 F Design Center Bldg., 18-1, Sakae 3-Chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0008 Japan
TEL. +81- 52-265-2105 FAX. +81-265-2107
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