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International Design Forum "From Now On: Envisioning Nagoya’s Future on the Large Scale and the Small"
Part 2: Keynote Address "Towards a Synergy-of-Synergies"
Doyun Lee of UNESCO and representatives from network design cities. Each of then introduced outline of city and desgin projects.
Date: Fri., November 27 2009

Venue: Design Hall

Organizer: Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee

This is a summary of presentation made prior to the discussion by representative from network cities. Here you can see the characteristics of UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Exhibition "UNESCO Creative Cities Network"
This exhibition served as an introduction of the creative urban improvements of eight cities: UNESCO CNN design cities and Torino, a sister city of Nagoya.
Period: Wed., November 25 2009 - Mon., December 7 2009
Venue: Design Gallery
Organizer: Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee


What makes the UNESCO Creative Cities Network different from other networks is that it is based on a way of perceiving cities.

A city is an urban area of a size that holds meaning in the international context and within the context of the characteristics of the local regional culture, or of a size that can fully manifest the region’s potential. UNESCO built this network from a perception of cities as clusters that exhibit a diversity of creativity. The Creative Cities Network is also an experiment in connecting with other existing networks, involving both public and private sectors to raise the general public’s appreciation for, and understanding of, creative communities. UNESCO envisions organizing sub-networks to increase our diversity. In this respect, the concept of “synergy-of-synergies”, meaning the rich diversity of cities, is very important, and is the essence of this network. However, the Creative Cities Network is still at the experimental stage and faces many issues.  More member cities would mean each would have to work to maintain awareness of participation in the network.

And we would also need to preserve the balance among those cities. In the future, UNESCO expects to develop the network by continually improving the latent cultural power of local regions, while conserving diversity through cross-disciplinary cooperation.

UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network
The Creative Cities Network is certified by UNESCO, an organization that emphasizes the conservation of cultural diversity. This program, initiated in 2004, promotes international partnerships and reciprocal exchanges between cities throughout the world that seek invigoration through the development and strengthening of creative and cultural industries. The program began with design and consists of seven fields, including craft and folk art, film, gastronomy, literature, music, and media arts. Nagoya’s participation in the design category was declared in October 2008. 

Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee
Constituent organizations: City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Council of Chubu Design Organizations


Creative Design City Nagoya logo

 *Please visit Creative Cities Network official website for other abstracts of speech and presentation.

Doyun LeeCoordinator for UNESCO Programs of the Creative Cities Network and Arts Education, Division of Cultural Expressions and Creative Industries, Culture Sector, UNESCO