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Report: Creative Design City Nagoya Promotion Projects FY 2012

In this fiscal year, focusing on introducing to the public the charm of design, we carried out projects like the Aichi Triennale 2013 official products competition, with a call for entries from teams of local university students; participation in an international design exhibition held in Berlin; and a family workshop in which participants experienced the making of things using design. We also concentrated on highlighting Nagoya’s charm from a design perspective by promoting local tourism and launching a cooperative initiative with design organizations in our community.


Organizer: Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee
(Constituent organizations: City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Council of Chubu Design Organizations)
Planning and management・Secretariat: International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.

Creative Design City Nagoya 2012 Major Projects

■Network Cities Exchange Programs
Convention and General Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network
Delegates discussed management policy going forward and introduced newly accredited cities. At a talk event, Nagoya introduced its efforts to nurture the new generation of designers, as well as the work of young designers who strive to develop new design experiences in Nagoya. (Montreal/Mon., May 21 2012 – Fri., May 25 2012)
UCCN General Assembly + C2-MTL + City of Design Subnetwork Report (CDCN Official website)

DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2012
Once again, CDCN was invited to participate in the annual design event held in another UNESCO City of Design, Berlin. We presented innovative design products from the Nagoya region alongside exhibits showcasing design studios, design organizations etc. in the design field from all over the world. (Berlin/Wed., June 6 – Sun.,June 10 2012/35,700)
DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2012 Report (CDCN Official website)

International Symposium: Medical design, inventing care solutions for tomorrow
An international symposium for medical design was held in another UNESCO City of Design, Saint-Étienne, France. We sent a speaker to the symposium. (Saint Étienne/Tue., November 20 2012)
“Medical design, inventing care solutions for tomorrow” Report (CDCN Official website)

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2013: Symposium・Exhibition

The Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2013 was held around the entire Saint-Étienne district and territory. It featured more than fifty exhibitions, conferences and events. “EmpathiCITY; Making Our City Together” was the principal theme of the 2013 edition of this event. CDCN participated in the exhibition and sent a speaker to the symposium. (Saint Étienne/Wed., March 13 2013 – Sun., March 17 2013)
Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2013 Repor (CDCN Official website)

GRANAG Project
Graz, another UNESCO design city, has offered to mount an exhibit highlighting Nagoya in “Designmonat Graz”, Graz Design month, an annual design event held every May. The Granag Project comprises the cooperation of students from five Nagoya universities* in the FH Joanneum IUniversity of Applied Science students’ research, helping to identify a perspective portraying the creative design city of Nagoya for the May exhibition.
 (Nagoya and Graz/July, 2012-May, 2013)
Granag Project Repor (CDCN Official website)

■Human Resource Cultivation ・ Industry-government-academia Collaboration
Aichi Triennale 2013 Year-Before Event:
Workshop “Architectural Gymnastics”
Depicting Architecture by gymnastics, “Architectural Gymnastics”, a 2011 Creative Design City Nagoya project, was re-launched with participation by both Aichi Prefectural Governor and Triennale 2013 Artistic Director. (Aichi Arts Center/Fri., August 10 2012/150)
Workshop “Architectural Gymnastics” Report (CDCN Official website)

Aichi Triennale 2013 Official Goods Student Competition
The CDCN held the Aichi Triennale 2013 Official Goods Student Competition, in cooperation with Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee. Creations chosen at the public presentation by the audience and jury are now being produced. (Public Presentation+Screening: Atrium, NADYA Park/Sun., October 14 2012)
Aichi Triennare 2013 Official Goods Student Competition Report (CDCN Official website)

あいち・NAGOYA アーツ&デザイン観光ツアー
Aichi/Nagoya Arts & Design Tour
Aichi/Nagoya Arts & Design Tour is a tour designed to help participants rediscover the allure of Nagoya. Participants visited the city with expert interpreters focusing on art and design. The CDCN supported the planning of nearly half of the project’s nine tours. (Nagoya area/November-December, 2012/80)
Aichi/Nagoya Arts & Design Tour Report (CDCN Official website)

■Design Education Program
Family Design Workshop
“Create and Play! Make a Noisemaker Stool/Create and play! Make a Glittering Christmas tree”

We held this human development resource project, targeting ordinary citizens families. In this applied design project, participants not only learned about how things are made, but also thought for themselves, actually made something by hand, and experienced the appeal of design. (Atrium, NADYA Park/Fri., November 23 2012/82)
Family Design Workshop Report (CDCN Official website)

*For more information, please visit CDCN’s website.