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The Design Education Project 2009

Report: Take it apart & Put it back together! Dyson Family Workshop



Planning and making concepts



The Dyson Vacuum, famous for its superior function and styling, never seen before in a vacuum cleaner, was the theme of this Summer Family Design Workshop.Dyson’s design development philosophy is “design born from function”. Participants dismantled and rebuilt a Dyson vacuum cleaner with their own hands.

Kids today, who are so far removed from science, technology and the simple pleasure of making things, were able to find out for themselves, through this single product, what it is to learn about design and engineering, and how much fun it is to experience full creativity. Participants found out what kinds of people do which jobs.
After dismantling and assembling the vacuum cleaner, they used the parts and corrugated cardboard to make a robot.

Take it apart & Put it back together!  Dyson Family Workshop 

Date: Sat., August 22 2009 – Sun., August 23 2009

Venue: Design Gallery

Target Audience: Children ages 4-10 and their parents or guardians
Class size: 15 groups(2-4 people each)
Organizer: Design Activities and Projects Promotion Committee (Constituent organizations: City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Council of Chubu Design Organizations), James Dyson Foundation

(First appearance: IdcN Annual Report 2009/June, 2010)