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Report: International New Designers Workshop 2009

From Now On: Envisioning Nagoya’s Future on the Large Scale and the Small

Signage Project/i NAGOYA/Team A

Novelty/Nagoya’s Novelty “A Nice Little Thing”/Team B

Map/Map of the Horikawa, Tenchijin/Team C

Newspaper/Nagoya Naruheso Shinbun (Nagoya Naruheso News)/Team D

Image Design/“Life-sized” Scale: Walking・Seeing・Detecting/Team E

Aiming to nurture the next generation, which is courageous in challenging conventions, the International New Designers Workshop encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration amongst academic institutions, industries and the public sector, and each workshop is made up of members from different disciplines, genders and cultural backgrounds. The workshop has been held annually since 2000.

“Sustainability”, this year’s keyword, places even more focus on environmental issues. Under this keyword, participants searched for the potential assets of cities and for the “Things that we want to preserve”, “Things that must be preserved”, and “Things to convey” in Nagoya. Considering how to  effectively utilize these assets, they tried designing systems and processes that guide and assist humans, in addition to designing solid objects.

Participants made five teams and conducted field research from five different perspectives. At the international Design Forum, teams made their presentations about their final proposals with the designated mediums, such as maps, novelties, news papers, moving images and sign design.

Organizer: Creative Design City Nagoya Organizing Committee
Constituent organizations: City of Nagoya, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Council of Chubu Design Organizations


【Design Proposal】

Team A: Signage Project
Inspiration/The Sign of Life/Dot: Daru/i NAGOYA
Fieldwork: Midland Square Sky Promenade, Endoji shopping mall and Nagoya Castle, Osu shopping malls, Residence of Kawaito and Shikemichi Road 
Directors: Anthony Ganjou/Managing Director, CURB Media Limited
Yasuyuki Ito/Architect and Associate professor, Nagoya City University

CAn/C+A nagoya (Coelacanth and Associates nagoya)

Team B: Novelty
Nagoya’s Novelty “A Nice Little Thing”

Fieldwork: TOYOTA Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, Noritake Garden, Nagoya Castle, Tokugawa-en and the Cultural Path (Futaba Museum, free-time touring), Tokoname city (INAX MUSEUMS and Pottery Path)
Directors: Kazushige Miyske/MIYAKE DESIGN

Choi, Kyung Ran/Designer and Professor, Kookmin University

Team C: Map
Map of the Horikawa, Tenchijin

Fieldwork: Lecture “The Horikawa (Hori River), Past and Present” by Jyunji Sueyoshi, The Horikawa (viewed from a boat and from on land)
Directors: Apex Lin, Pang-Soong/Graphic Designer and Professor, Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University
Kyoji Kotani/Professor, School of Media and Design, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Kyoji Kotani Design Office
Support: Akio Ogawa/Graphic Designer/Representative tmc Inc

Team D: Newspaper
Nagoya Naruheso Shinbun (Nagoya Naruheso News)
A simulation of development of the city on surface of the newspaper
Excavation of personal memories on “the house one used to live”

Fieldwork: Osu, Imaike and Kakuozan areas
Directors: Ko Yamada/Photographer and Media Artist, Representative of PAC (Photography Arts Caravan)
Jin Murata/Poet

Team E: Image Design
“Life-sized” Scale: Walking・Seeing・Detecting

Fieldwork: Higashiyama Water Tower, Port of Nagoya and other places in the outskirts
Directors: Takayuki Ikegawa/Associate Professor, Graduate Schhol of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University
Go Yamazaki/Anthropologist/Representative, Olduvai Industry

■International New Designers Workshop Participants
Young designers and students from Aichi Sangyo University, Nagoya City University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Nagoya University of Arts, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences and Nagoya Zokei University. In total 38.

(First appearance: IdcN Annual Report 2009/June, 2010)

*Each design proposal can be seen on the Creative Design City Nagoya official website.