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american art deco collection


Collection Exhibition Series Vol.18

Color: The Colors and Materials of American Art Deco

Color: The Colors and Materials of American Art Deco (Exhibition venue)

Skyscraper Radio/Era: Early 1930s/Manufacturer: RCA (Left)
Cocktail Shaker and Cups/Era: Latter 1930s/Manufacturer: Revere Copper & Brass Inc. (Right)

Plastic Necklace/Era: Latter 1930s/Manufacturer: Unkown (Left)
Brooch/Year: 1933/Manufacturer: Eisenberg Original (Right)

This is a serial exhibit in which we show, on a theme-by-theme basis, our nearly 2,000 examples of art deco design from the 1930s in the United States, pieces that form the cornerstone of 20th Century design history and also affected Japanese industrial design.
In this volume, we introduced the unique colors that graced the objects of daily life in the 1930s in the United States as well as the new materials and technological innovations that spawned them.

Various plastic products
Various plastic products/Era: Latter 1930s

Lacquered Chest
Lacquered ChestYear: 1938/Manufacturer: Unkown

Tableware/Year: Design: 1940 Product: 1953/Manufacturer: Northern Boston/Designer: Russel Wright

IdcN Collection Exhibition Series vol.18
Color: The Colors and Materials of American Art Deco
Period: January 11 – November 17, 2013
Venue: Collection Gallery, International Design Center NAGOYA
Organizer: International Design Center NAGOYA Inc.