DAILY NEWS > DAY 6 - 11.9 & DAY 7 - 11.10
11.9 (TUE)
All day to summarize the field work & group discussion
11.10 (WED)
prepare the final presentation opened for public
We are going to have some conclusions on the workshop today. We have finished the 3 fieldtrips and all have done the report with group presentation every morning.

We are living in the modern world and we have so many invention to facilitate our daily life. Those new invention are designed to make our life more comfortable, more convenient and towards a better life. However, with all the same design object provided, different home will still be different because each household is make up of different individuals. People is still the most important element in a home.

The participants try very hard to make a summary for the final presentation, by using the existing images taken in the household, diagrams and charts, moving images and even sound. They are not aiming at just doing a regular accounts of the findings, but they want to put forward their thoughts and understandings of home as a concept. Sometimes designers need to bear in mind that they are not just product driven. They need to explore deeper into different layers of social phenomenon.
New Designers Workshop 2004