1 ) POWER TALK 6 - Part 1
Creative Director :
an experienced and renowned cross-media artist based in Hong Kong.

cofounder of 'HERE', a design concept store in Hong Kong.
Contextual designer (Dutch)
2 ) Field research & Discussion
Home Visit

ideally three households per team for the whole workshop
- get to know the family members of the household, feel the interior environment, by asking general question on home living, work and leisure, home cooking ect, and specific questions relate to the group member's own professional interest, such as furniture selection, interior decoration, design objects, design style and trends....
- Visual and written documentation, both of the interior and the community exterior.

- The size of the the team should be limited to 4 persons. Each team will visit 3 families. the interview procedure and other activities to relate the 'interior' with the outside environment/city/Japanese culture as a whole will be determined.

- From my past experience, really getting into others' home need some time. So we don't need to be too aggressive and ambitious and want to bring everything on board in such a short period of time. While we get too exciting by what we have seen, may be we can try to slow down, sip some tea, sit quietly in others' home, to listen, to think, to compare and to respect, .... Home living is all about how to sit back, relax and enjoy.

The following 15 case studies will be researched during the workshop :
1) household who lives in traditional Japanese house
2) household is young couple under age of 30 with or without kids
3) household with 3 generations living together
4) household who lives in public house built by the government
5) household who lives in single house built by named architect
6) household who works in design or other creative field
7) household who lives by himself (male)
8) household who lives by herself (female)
9) household who has special private collection, i,e, toys, music instrument, books...etc
10?jhousehold who lives with pets
11) household who use their house as home office
12) household with disabled member
13) household who move their residential address in a frequent manner,
i.e. stay at one house for only 2 to 3 years
14) house is being used as a boarding house for the student
15) house is shared by 2 to 3 friends or parties

3 ) POWER TALK 6 - Part 2
Creative Director :
an experienced and renowned cross-media artist based in Hong Kong.

Panelist :
Chief Designer, Technical Research Center Headquarters Design Center, INAX Corporation
New Designers Workshop 2004