International New Designers Workshop 2004 in Japan
2004/11/3 WED - 11/11 THU
Workshop Venue : International Design Center NAGOYA & Nagoya, Japan
Organizer : International New Designers Workshop2004 Organizing Committee
(City of Nagoya, International Design Center NAGOYA)
Project objective
This multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary workshop, for both young?@designers and students, was founded in 2000 and held annually. The project aims to nurture the future generation, which is courageous in challenging convention. We invite those in the vanguard of frontier fields, as well as professionals conducting academic research. The goal is to facilitate networking among participants in barrier-free, collaborative work among those in educational environments and those pursuing diverse professional disciplines.
General background
This year, the workshop will be conducted by the renowned cross-media artist, Mr. Craig Au Yeung. We will do field research by interviewing 15 different types of Japanese households. In addition, we will organize a 2-part symposium, entitled POWER TALK. Part 1 of this symposium will take place on 4 November , in which the workshop participants will make presentations about their homes. Part 2 of this symposium will take place on 11 November, in which workshop participants will make presentations about their findings from visits to these Japanese households.
The symposium will be attended by professional designers, educators, company managers, design students (scale: around 80 persons) as well as reporters from Japanese media.
When and where will the workshop take place
Workshop period (including the symposium and field-research of 15 Japanese households)
2004/November 3(Wed) - November 11(Thurs)
place: symposium: International Design Center NAGOYA, field research: around City of Nagoya (Japan)
Theme of workshop
" I'M HOME "
Aichi Prefecture University of Fine Art and Music, Nagoya City University, school of Design and Architecture, Nagoya University of Art, Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design, winners of Nagoya Design Do! International Competition 2004, in-house designers from TOYOTA, INAX
Creative Director
Craig Au Yeung
New Designers Workshop 2004