Home is where the heart is!
It seems that I had left my home for a long period of time.

Getting too carried away by what is happening in the outside world, I travel, I work, I make new friends in some distant places.

I rush to get on the metro, the trains and the flights. I wake up every morning in some strange little hotel room. For some time I am in limbo. I am happy always, am I?

But I am quite sure that I keep moving on for one particular reason---every time when I step in the home of an old acquaintance or a new friend, we sit down, sip some tea, have some causal talk about work, leisure, family and all the odds and ends. I start to feel the space, the air, and know much more about the people who live in this ordinary place called home. I seems that I can easily make myself at home, wherever the home is.

We are having quite a lot of discussion recently on globalisation and localization. It is undoubtedly an important topic for design professionals. While we pay attention on big issues such as world wide economy, international trade, global media, world wide design and style trends, we have to sit down again to look closely at our home; we will find out that our home is such a micro world. It provides us with all the findings needed for a most academic field research. How much we pay for the monthly rent or mortgage? What sort of home living products we purchase? How we decorate our home? What sort of style we want to live in? What kinds of foodstuff occupy our refrigerator? What kind of home entertainment are we mostly into? Our home is the center of resources. Our family members are the think-tank. The brainstorming section starts any time in your kitchen, your bedroom, or your bathroom.

Home is a place to rest, to relax and to enjoy. Home is also a place to think, to focus and to respect --- respect your family members, respect yourself, respect the design object surrounding you --- respect with the heart.

As the creative director of International New Designers Workshop 2004, I am very much looking forward to meet the young designers from Japan and overseas in the city of Nagoya. During the workshop we will have lectures on the issue of Japanese home living by renowned design professionals, we will also have precious chances to visit a number of local households, feel the home environment, raise curious questions, get to know the people and organize and present our observation. I believe this is the most effective way of what we call a cultural exchange. And for us who work in the design field, it is a very good reminder that we are mostly not working for someone who lives in outer space, but someone who lives in a REAL HOME.

Welcome Home! And once again home is where the heart is.
New Designers Workshop 2004