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Nagoya International Design Competition Committee
Consisting of Nagoya City, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Council of Chubu Design Organization (CCDO)

Theme Overview 2010 Application Procedures


Design to Empower Tomorrow

Theme Overview

Look ahead.
Imagine yourself ten or twenty years into the future. Imagine the world a hundred years from now.

What is it that you want to keep for the future?
Here is what we need as a species to ensure our survival into the future: Nature's abundance and a balanced environment; universal cooperation in the reduction of CO2 emissions to curb global warming; the realization of a nuclear-free, peaceful society. There are so many issues we need to address immediately.

Our lives and the life of the earth: How can we save these?
What can we do to save lives when natural disasters strike, like huge earthquakes and massive floods?
What can we do to shield our minds and bodies from fear and threats of crime and social instability?
What can we do to construct a society where children can grow soundly and the elderly can live in peace?
What can design do to preserve our planet, our societies and our species?
From this perspective, please reexamine objects, spaces, communications, systems and so on.

In 2010, the City of Nagoya will mark the 400th anniversary of its settlement. A Creative Design City: Nagoya, will provide a vital opportunity for young people all over the world to envision the next hundred years.

*The theme of Nagoya Design DO! 2010 was formulated by the Nagoya International Design Competition Committee and Planning Committee.

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