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Nagoya International Design Competition Committee
Consisting of Nagoya City, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Council of Chubu Design Organization (CCDO)

What is “Nagoya Design DO!”?

Nagoya Design DO! is an international design competition that is open to the whole world. The competition seeks to develop the potential of young designers and to enable exchange between designers.
Nagoya Design DO! was started in 1998 and has been held every two years. “Nagoya Design DO! 2010”, the 7th competition, has been reborn into a new form that is inspired by the vision of “Creative Design City Nagoya”.

By creating themes from various issues in Nagoya and by holding a competition, we hope to encourage young people throughout the world to consider what design can contribute to the ideal society.
In addition to prize money, award winners of the Nagoya Design DO! competition will be given the privilege of participating in a workshop held in Nagoya. At the workshop, themes will be discussed through joint cooperation with students and young designers from both Japan and overseas. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to give a public presentation regarding the results of the discussions.

We hope that Nagoya Design DO! will serve as a stage for new creativity and the transmission of that creativity to the world.

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