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Nagoya International Design Competition Committee
Consisting of Nagoya City, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Council of Chubu Design Organization (CCDO)

6.Prizes 2010 Application Procedures

Prize and Prize money

-Grand Prix (one award) 1 million yen
-Division Prize (4 awards)
1. Product Division (1 award)
2. Spatial Division (1 award)
3. Visual Communication Division (1 award)
4. Other Division (1 award)
100,000 yen each
-Honorable Mention (approx. fifteen awards) Memento for each recipient

*Taxes are included in the prize money.

Workshop invitation

The grand prix and division prize winners will be invited to a workshop held at the International Design Center NAGOYA. (For group winners, only one representative can participate.)

*Competition organizers will bear costs for air travel to Japan as well as travel and accommodations within Japan. However, cash cannot be given to cover these costs.

(Description of the Workshop)
The workshop will be held for about one week in November 2010. (The date has not yet been confirmed.)

Announcement of award-wining works

All works submitted for the final screening, including the award winning works, will be displayed at International Design Center NAGOYA. They will also be recorded in the catalog of works and posted on our Internet web site.
Regarding the exhibition and publicity of works that did not win an award in the final screening, the final screening application will be checked to confirm whether the consent was given by the applicant..

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