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Nagoya International Design Competition Committee
Consisting of Nagoya City, International Design Center NAGOYA Inc., Council of Chubu Design Organization (CCDO)

7.Application Rights/Disqualification 2010 Application Procedures

Applicant Rights

The rights for the submitted work, including copyrights and industrial property rights, belong to the applicant. Consequently, the applicant has the responsibility to protect such rights. Therefore, it is advisable to register the designs and take other necessary measures before submitting your works to the competition. Also be aware that the use of third party photographs or printed literature may infringe on other copyrights. The rights to exhibit and publish the award-winning works and the works from the final screening, and the rights related to printing and publishing in media issued or approved by the sponsor, will belong to both the applicant and the sponsor. The applicant acknowledges this fact by applying for this competition.


If any of the following conditions apply to the entry, it will be removed from the screening procedure and any awards that may have been given can later be revoked.

(1)Works that do not meet all entrance qualifications.
(2)Works that are identical to or show similarity to a design that has been previously published in any manner.
(3)Works that are identified as infringing on another individual's copyrights, industrial property rights, etc.
(4)Works submitted to the screening but banned from exhibition or posting in publications on the internet, etc.

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